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Duflo Spray Chemical Inc. has spent years constantly upgrading and improving our services and our equipment to provide the best results and satisfaction.  Our largest advantage is the use of twin-engine aircraft because we are one of the few aerial applicators who are registered in this division and have our own patented spray system that maximizes and exemplifies all of the greatest qualities of our Piper Aztecís.  By the use of twin engine aircraft we are certified to fly over congested areas because we always have the safety advantage over other aerial applicators.  Other applicators use either a helicopter or a single engine airplane, which both only have one power plant.  If an engine out condition were ever to occur we would still be able to operate back to our point of origin on one engine.  This unique advantage alone has gained us a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification to fly over congested areas.  Whereas the others would have a large problem on their hands and they would be directly located over congested areas, therefore they are not allowed to operate over inhabited areas, which places a limitation on their services.  Below is one of our companyís magazine covers that exemplifies our one engine capabilities that have furthered our national recognition and reputation:





Spray System

In addition to the use of our twin engine aircraft, our President has designed and patented a spray system that provides cutting edge droplet formation.  This formation is of microns in size and allows for optimal results because the droplets are so fine that they can float in the air and seek their way into every nook and cranny where small insects are found.  All of our spray planes are equipped with this patented Micromist 900 spray system as it allows for the best results.  With the use of our aircraft and this system we are able to service all clients at an extremely fast, yet highly efficient rate that ranges typically from 150-180 acres per minute and depending on the target insect and the product being used. Above all, this spray system and its installation in our aircraft has been granted a Supplemental Type Certificate by the FAA in the United States and the General Aviation Minister of Transport in Canada, thus allowing us to have international certificationís as aerial applicators.  Below is another magazine cover that we have received due to our exemplary spray system and the droplet formation:



Global Positioning & Tracking

Another major advantage that Duflo Spray Chemical Inc. has over other insect control businesses is accuracy.  Our airplanes are equipped with touch-screen Ag-Nav Spray Computers that were tested and perfected by Duflo.  These computers allow us to digitally overlay spray areas onto the surface of the earth with an accuracy of one foot, as well as tell our clients exactly how many acres they have to potentially spray within an accuracy of one-tenth of an acre.  This software not only allows us to see where we need to spray, but any obstacles or areas of exclusions all the way down to an article roughly the size of a common pick-up truck can be avoided. With this highly effective software we can thus prove where we have/have not sprayed as it fills in the sprayed area and highlights it pink, which goes on record and can be shown as legal proof to any governing officials in the case that a complaint is filed or questions arise about our service.  An example of this data recording can be found here.  Another benefit of having spray data is that Duflo can then analyze exactly how many acres of area were treated inside the target area and this specific number is what we conduct our billing system off.  Duflo Spray Chemical Inc. is the only spray service in the United States of America that uses this highly sophisticated piece of technology for aerial spraying to this degree.  That is why, we hold such great loyalty amongst all of our clients because we guarantee complete success and efficiency in all of our work and we can prove it not only with visual results, but with hard recorded data.  In addition to this global tracking data recorder our company offers free digital mapping of your properties or target areas.  Due to the fact that we are very mobile, we can come to your home or office to sit down and cover all aspects of the mapping to ensure that all of the target areas are covered and from there we can store your property or target area information and reuse it at any time or make any necessary changes in the future.  A tutorial on how to map your property or send us the needed information for mapping your property can be found here.

Below are a series of pictures that can further help explain the benefits of this software and computer system:



Ag-Nav Computer Mounted In Dash of Aircraft



Representation of Hand-drawn Map Converted To Computer Overlay



Digitized Spray Area Logged Into Computer with Acreage Shown


Picture 002.jpg

Spray Data Overlaid Onto Spray Block with All Flight Lines (Note Exclusions Inside)



Same Spray Area As Above With Just Flight Lines of Where Spray System Was Spraying




Spray System




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